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Help me (Open) 


Arthur was walking in the forest when he felt something strange happen to him. He then saw he was 4 inches smaller. WHAT THE…He thought…he then saw Excailbur on the ground he went to go pick it up with his hands and he sighed.  But then his sigh turned to shock when he saw hoves. “NO…”he said as he tried to walk but stumbled as he grabbed Excalibur with his teeth hoping to god nobody would notice him till this bloody spell was over.image

It had been a long walk from the Dark Castle…well, not in the sense of walking per say. It had been nearly four months since she left, and every day she missed him more and more. But to be tossed aside, it had hurt her deeply, though she still loved him. But she had to fend for herself, and she needed to eat. With her bow drawn, Belle noticed a small fawn in the distance…and with uh…sword?

Was the animal wounded and suffering? Belle slowly removed the arrow from the bow, and slipped it into her side quiver, as she came forward, blue eyes intent on the small deer in front of her.